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Hi, I was just wondering why do some people want to have babies before they are married.

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I have ababy with my partner we were only together a year nad I got pregant and we have no intention of getting married.doesnt mean I love him my son or myself any less what difference does a piece of paper make?

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I agree with nagi. Some girls want to have sex, and the last thing on their minds is the possiblity that they actually could become pregnant. Unfortunetly they do become pregnant. Sometimes this happens and it is not the two people involved took precautions, such as using a condom, but unfortunetly the condom broke and they were unaware of this fact.

There are other times when a teenager for example wants to have a child because they want someone that is all theirs, and they want to have this child to love and that will love them back.

I am sure that there are others reasons that people want to have a child before they get married. These are just two possible reasons.

Hopefully the person that has the child is mature enough to handle the responsibily of having a child, and has the money to raise it properly. I would also hope that this person had a good support system, such as parents and friends to help if and when needed.

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well I would want my baby before im married so my kids can share the celebration.
inaway .

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I had two children before I was married to their father. This was not a choice. My first was born while I was on the pill (and I did take it correctly, I was on it for 5 years). The second while I was on the birth control patch. Their father and I got married and then while using condoms and spermicide my third child was conceived.

Sometimes it's not a matter of choice but of a higher power. For some reason my children were supposed to be born then and I wouldn't change the way it happened for anything.

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because people sometimes cant hold them selfs and want to have sex already.

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its not a matter of having a baby but they want to have sex

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