Is anyone else married and pregnant under 19?

Hye anyone esle under 19 and married b/ci’m 16teen and married and I love it and have been married for 5months and I’m about to have a baby any one else married

Answer #1

I had my first child right after I turned 19. I wouldn’t take anything for my kids but I do wish I had waited and gotten a better education. It would have been so much better and easier for them growing up if I had. I love my kids I just wish I could have given them more than I was able to.

Answer #2

congrats. && no im not married but I am about to get engaged && I am 16 years old. && me and my boyfriend has been trying to have a baby, its just taking forever.. && you can legally get married at 16 with a legal guardians permission.

=] hope everything works out thru tha years.

Answer #3

im not married yet but I will be next month. im only 17 and already had a misscarriage. im so excited to get married. the only thing is that my dad wont walk me down the iasle. and that stinks. so to save the embarrassment im not iviting my family. Horrible isnt it? But, any way I know this girl who was married at 16 and now she has a 2month. she is adorable. The youngest age you can leagally get married in the state of texas with your parents permission and court is 14.

Answer #4

im not married but I do have a baby I had him when I was 16 and my babys father askd me to marry him but I wasnt ready but know I wish that I would have we are still together and looking for our own place I am now 18 and he is 19 and our son is 18 months so congrats…

Answer #5

How did you legally get married? And why are you in such a rush to grow up? Your supposed to enjoy your teenage years, not with a “husband” and a baby. I’m 18-years-old and still taking advantage of my teenage years, you should be doing the same.

Answer #6

wow your married..your a yr. younger than me and I never thought of some 1 being married @ that age you should be out having fun and partying…once you have tha babi your going 2 be tied down…so do you go 2 school…and how did you get married @ that age and tha husband is how old?? girl but if you like your life I say congrats and have fun!!! more power 2 ya…does your fam care..

Answer #7

my friend is 17, and is married with a 3 month old :]


Answer #8

I’m never getting married or having kids. it’s not for me. I want to enjoy life.

Answer #9

Wow. We are actually planning it that way, its not always about being rushed to grow up, as you other people said but I hope that everything works out for the best and that everthing goes well and I really wish you all the best luck. =]

Answer #10

im not married or anything but I want to congratulate u because not that many people can find love early in life I hope everything works out good.=]

Answer #11

uhhh no. I didt even know you could do that. how your parents feel bout that.

Answer #12

wow. congrats. hope your happy.

Answer #13

nope, but congragulations

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