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I want to be in the marines and live on base.. my husband was convicted before for 4 felonys. can he still come live with me

Answer #1

The recruiter you’re working with should be able to answer this question for you easily, once upon a time, I looked into the military, and the recruiter is there anytime you need them to answer questions about life in the service.

Answer #2

Well he is obviously disqualified for service but if you have a clean record you are free to join. To answer your question, no he would not be allowed to live on base with you because of his background. But the bright side is that you can choose to live off base and the military will pay you what’s called BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) so you could get an apartment or something off base. I am an active duty Marine and choose to live off base with my wife, I don’t think I’d ever get base housing just because I’m not interested.

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