If I took one hit of weed and the next morning I drank two gallons of water four hours prior to my drug test will I pass

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Yep. Weed is Good but why smoke if your obviously not supposed to? I think what you do is mix 1/2 Vinegar and 1/2 water and drink that. they also make like dissolvable tablets that clense your system too. Maybe try those.

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no its stores in your fat cells, only time can affect it, like I failed my drug test after I smoked two weeks before, and I drank way more then three gallons of water over that period of time

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why smoke if you know you are going to get tested? it will probably show up in your system. Plus they can always do a hair strand test and then it will appear there too.

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yes, but if they used a sophisticated drug test they will be able to tell you drank an abnormally large amount of water. also, be sure not to drink too much water in a short period of time, it can actually kill you! (hold your wii contest, a woman died)

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one hit? you will be fine, that isn't enough to get you high, the tests are meant to detect users and not those people who have inhaled a small amount either through second hand or in your case one hit, so the low level of THC that you inhaled won't be detected. They cannot punish those people who were in contact with the smoke, but never inhaled from the joint or bong. So they raise the level of THC needed in the test to pop positive, too keep those innocent from popping too. So in the end, you are fine.

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lol one hit aiant sh!t

I dk if it will affect you any thoo

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