Male or female Dog?

I have a 1 year old toy Female Yorkie, I want to get a Teacup Maltese. Would it be better to get a Male or Female Maltese? Will my Yorkie get along with the Maltese puppy?

Answer #1

female unless both dogs are fixed (girl:spayed. boy:neutered)

Answer #2

Oh and I forgot to mention my Yorkie is Fixed

Answer #3

If your dog is spayed probably best if you got a male. Two females may fight.

Answer #4

well I have a male westie and I got told that if you got 2 females they would fight but not as much as 2 males. I would research the breed and see whats best. 2 girls would b ok but a male and a female would be better.

I have a male and a girl who is still a puppy and they love each other… chase each other round all day and play fight!!! its great!!!

dogs will get along as long aslong as they know who is pack leader which is you, and are trained well! you will find one becomes top tog natually.

there will be some fights but not full on ones just one dog putting the other in its place. my eldest dog tell my pup off by growling at her or giving her a light bit without the teeth if you get me!

2 dogs are great fun and good company for each other…

Answer #5

I have had more luck when having one of each. They tend to fight less. YOur yorkie is very young still though, so it should be ok to get whatever you want.

Answer #6

It’s easier having opposite sexes…there just seems to be less shucking for a position in the pack…tho I”ve had same sex partnerships that caused no problems at all…it can be done.

If you’re not wanting puppies, tho…neutering and spaying are a must (don’t kid yourself that you can “watch” them good enough to keep it from happening…)


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