What are some making out tips?

hey.. dose anyone have any advice/tips on makinout (im 14)

Answer #1

I kissed someone recently for the first time to, I was really nervous so I let him take the lead and I felt great

Answer #2

Ok here are a few tips for your first kiss:

-be romantic

-first kiss her as in a peck, then kiss her but this time take her lip slightly in between ur lips and pull gently backwards letting her lip go just away from her mouth then do this but before you pull away stick your tongue into her mouth(i know this doesn’t sound all that nice but it’s kinda hard to explain in a nice way lol) and gently swirl it around her mouth being carefuly not to go to deep, withdraw your tongue and pull away like when you didnt do tongues then just do a mixture of all three of these kisses and take it from there.

-girls often like it also if you gently nibble their lip(usually bottom) but dont worry too much about this as you dont want to do it wrong and hurt the girl!- you could also try gently nibbling her ear but again GENTLY! or you could just kiss or gently play with her ear.

-pull away every now and then and just give him a peck. this gives you a chance to swallow extra saliva and also teases him a bit.


Hope this helped! Good luck hunni!x

Answer #3

Keep in mind that there a right way or a wrong way to do it. So if you kiss one girl, then another, you might find that they have very different styles, and that’s ok. If you’re ever nervous, you can just sort of follow your partners lead.

Answer #4

Just be yourself and let your own true feelings flow..your young and your girlfriend is most likely younger or the same age..you have nothing to fear..but holding hands or having your arm around a girls is pretty nice too..do what your hearts tell you to do..don’t do what others think you should be doing..you should have no fears..just be glad you have a girlfriend who cares and will like you being you..not what someone thinks you should be.

Answer #5

Pull from these three tips that others have already posted:

  1. First just kiss her
  2. Bottom lip, so her bottom lip should be inbetween your 2 lips
  3. Slight tongue

Other things you can do is:

  1. Kiss her neck gently, make you sure both your lips are pressed though, cause if not you get the sucking sound and it can and will kill your moment, plus you look ridiculous.
  2. Step 2 but more romantic, use your front teeth and just barely grab her bottom lips and suck on it. Like a momma cat picking up a kitten.
Answer #6

Well we all know that before our first make-out you’re always nervous right? There’s honestly nothing to be nervous about! Once you start you don’t want to stop. You feel this burst of confidence and it makes you feel awesome and maybe even sexy. But to start off you start with closed lips first. Just a simple kiss. Open your mouth just a little bit, not all the way. If she doesn’t open hers immediately after you, close it and then pull away and go back in. Open your lips the second time, and usually by then she will open her mouth. Just poke in your tongue and don’t whirl it around in there like a washing machine, just feel around and touch her tongue so you both can get used to the feeling. And yes BE ROMANTIC!!! (I’m a girl so yeah) She will love it and never ever ever forget it. If you feel confident enough from making out with tongue, pull away and give her a passionate peck and then move down to her neck kiss and lick suck whatever just don’t go too crazy. But yeah make sure you swallow your saliva while making out I know it sounds difficult but I don’t think she wants to go swimming…XD So yeah these are my tips from past experiences. And yes it’s ok to be nervous ;) we all are/were.

Answer #7

Help me I am 12 and my boyfriend wats too mix me and I want to mix him aswell but I am scared I havnt done it before but everyone thinks I have !

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