Making hearts on computer?

How do you make a heart on the computer? I see people using hearts in their profiles/questions/answers and I wanted to know how to do it!! So??

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Thanks a lot babyangel,
Broadwaystar is going to be just unbearable on the Advisors forum now shoing off her new found talent.



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[& ]the word [hearts] and then[ ; ] with no spaces and you have to post it before you will see the heart cause thats what I did I posted it before somewhere then it appeared only AFTER I posted it but then I got rid of it myself and wrote something else there.

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I know that this is not what you asked, but did you know there are other symbols?

They are just special HTML characters even though HTML isn't allowed in answers. HAHAHA!

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Like Babyangel22 said, it's ampersand ( & ) and then the word "hearts" and then a semicolon ( ; ) without spaces in between. ♥

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you go to the character map through your menu click programs and then click accessories then click system tools then you'll see character map and look through all the symbols until you find the heart and just copy it and paste it to where ever you want it. LOL Btw this us only if you have a PC.!!!

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Yes it worked!!! Thanks everyone!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Is there a way to do it on Macs???

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Oooh...I can make a heart!

Now I can get my revenge on Broadwaystar for covering the Advisors posting page with icky little hearts...



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♥♥♥ sorri, thought I would join in lol! x ♥♥♥

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♥ mwah!!! ♥

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babyangel, I was right! She did!!!


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♥ you bet! ♥

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OMG!! it worked!!

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♥ did it work?

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Aww man!! let me try it again ;&

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Okay lets see if that worked!!

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& hearts ;

except no spaces


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hey it worked

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I want to try. lol

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I love doin those heart thingys! Lol

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Darn its not working! :(

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