Making Conversation with the Sick

I volunteer at a hospital in the xray department and I have to guide patients around. I really don’t know what to say to them, I can’t really ask them how they are and what’s new because most of them are really sick or injured. I only have to be with them for a couple of minutes but it’s always a really awkward walk. Any advice on what to talk to them about?

Answer #1

maybe you could talk about your day. maybe tell them about your family and things like that. im sure you already make their day brighter already. god bless u

Answer #2

maybe you could just talk about how your day was or even tell them about your family or something. im sure you already make their day a little brighter. god bless u

Answer #3

Why don’t you offer little tidbits or information about the hospital…maybe there’s some sort of fundraiser going on, or perhaps the hospital is bringing in some new equipment.

I’m sure they’d give anything to have their minds taken off their problems.

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