How do you make links clickable?

How do you make links that you write in your advice clickable?

Answer #1

Clause 9 states: “If your question has a link in it, we will remove it, unless it’s a link to another part of FunAdvice.” However, I asked about links in the advice, not the question. ;)

Answer #2

Unless it is to another part of funadvice, you can’t. If you had read the terms of service, you would know that.

Answer #3

I copied and pasted straight from the address bar and it just turns out like normal, black text.

Answer #4

Only advisors can make clickable links in answers.

Regular members can’t due to repeat abuse.

Answer #5

wait does html work… lets try it shall we… Sample link

Answer #6

You just have to make sure you include the whole link, and it should work.

Answer #7

you rite click em and go to hyperlink and then go to bookmark and click were you want the link to go

Answer #8

^^^ nope html appears to be blocked

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