Makeup for dark blue - dark green eyes.

What makeuup shouuld I wear if I have dark blue - dark green eyes . (:

Answer #1

Hey Girl, Green eyes: Shades of pink, salmon, mauve, and brownish-pink will help green eyes look even greener. Blue eyes: Shades of brown, camel, and taupe will help blue eyes appear even bluer.


Brush a dark powder eye shadow onto eyelids and smooth a dab of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on top for a new eye gloss

ROUND EYES: Make them appear longer by extending eye shadow and liner beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Blend the corner well for a soft look.

BULGING EYES: Use a dark shadow and blend it carefully over the prominent part of the upper lids carrying it lightly to the line of the brows

SMALL EYES: They can look larger by using two shades of shadow. Use a light shade on the upper eye lid and a darker shade on the crease. Apply the lower eye liner and kajal from the middle to the outside of the eye

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

Answer #2

you can try looking up some beautiful ladies on youtube who specializes in makeup :) try these :)

panacea81 fafinettex3 iwanted2c1video 0RainbowAngel0

Hope I helped :)

Answer #3

yeaaah, thx (:

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