What makeup to use with dark hair and green eyes?

Okaii im okaii at make up but would like to know what would suit me the best. I have dark hair , reddish lips and greeny greyish/blue eyes and pale skin. What colours do you think I’d suit mainly around the eyes and lips!? Comments apreciated Thanks x

Answer #1

A purple eyeshadow makes green eyes pop. Try this, put a purple eyeshadow on your lid and a green shadow in your crease of your lid. Keep the colors at a mid-tone. not too dark and not too light.

Answer #2

I agree with ‘tutiefruity1229’ Purple shades make green eyes really, really stand out. Even some darker green shades would make them stand out. I have brownish green eyes and purple looks good on me too. If you want to learn some really good make-up techniques, you can find some great videos on youtube. Its all about experimenting.

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