What makeup will help me look like a lady?

I have hazel eyes like brownish-reddish on the inside of my iris and then green flakes on the outside, I have goldish colours in there too and I have some blue but you cant really see it so I have a big important family dinneer thing coming up in 2 weeks and I need help with my make-up because right now my make-up as my mom says makes me look like a good for nothing punk, I need to look like a lady so I need tips. my grandmas coming and she hates my piercings and my band and the punk attitude and sarcastic comments I have so I need help.


Answer #1

uh… looks like the person above me has got a lot of good tips.. im just too lazy to read em x] but ANYWHO, when i was 13 my ma took me to clinique and had someone who works there do my makeup for me. she said i never looked trashy and it help that someone else taught me instead of my ma cuz u kno how it is when u never wanna listen to ur parentals. so if u get the chance stop by and ask them for some help :] they help u pic out what flatters ur skin as well as teaching u how to apply it. and u can buy everything there. so yea, hope that helps :]

Answer #2

People with brown or hazel eyes can wear almost any shade of eye shadow with any spectrum of color and it’s going to look pretty damn good, as long as they apply it correctly.

Once you have made your palette selection, it really doesn’t matter what shades or colors you decide to use, but you should, however, select three shades/colors: a dark, a medium and a highlight. The highlight will be the lightest of the three you have selected. You always want to go from dark to light; this is what opens the eyes up and projects them.

I recommend starting with the eyes before the rest of your makeup. No matter what product you use or how careful you are, as you apply powdered eye shadow little specks will flake off and drop onto your cheek. If you have done your foundation first, as most people do, the flecks will fall on top of your foundation. If you then try to remove them, you will streak and smudge your foundation and blush. Then you have to go back and spend time repairing it. You can eliminate all these problems by starting with the eyes first.

Start with a light dusting of translucent face powder on the eyes. It will absorb any natural oil on the lid and traces of moisturizer that might still be on the eye. Otherwise, your shadows will get a streaky, splotchy look because where there is oil on the lid, the shadow spots and will not blend.

Now, take the darkest shadow and start on the outside comer of the eye. Apply it approximately halfway in and halfway up the lid. Stop, take your blending brush, and blend this area. When I say blend, I don’t mean you have to go over the entire lid with the brush. You only want to make a few, small, simple brush strokes, blending the outside edge where you applied the shadow. So, take your brush, start from the outside, and blend very lightly to the inside of the eye towards the nose. You have all this color on the outside of the eye and if you start blending from the inside outward toward your ear, you’re going to end up with color halfway to your ear and look like Cleopatra.

Do this for both eyes, then go on to your second shade which will be medium. This color should start at the inside comer of the eye and it should be applied, again, about halfway up and toward the first color, your darkest one. You bring it just to where you stopped with your dark color so that they meet. Then you take your blending brush, starting from the inside corner of the eye this time, and blend toward the outside. Again, you don’t need to brush all over the lid; you’d just be dragging a lighter shade over the darker and end up with mud. You don’t want a sharp contrast between the two colors. You want them to blend lightly one into the other.

Once you have that done on both eyes, take the highlighter, the lightest shade, and apply from the inside corner of the eyebrow, right under the eyebrow, all the way to the outside comer of the brow. It’s like an arch. You want to lift the eye; open it up. Don’t bring the highlighter down too far, because you will overlap the outside comer where you applied the dark shadow. You want a definite contrast. Again, that opens the eye up.

The secret of great looking eye makeup is blending. Once you have learned where to apply the three colors, the next step is to learn how to work with that brush so you can make them blend very smoothly, one into the other without sharp contrast. You do, however, want there to be a noticeable difference between your dark, medium and highlight colors. If you just blend and blend and blend, you end up with sort of a muddy look and that’s not what your going for.

Then you can do the eyeliner. If you want a subtle look only line from the middle of your lid out on the top and bottom.

I usually fully line my top lid and half line my bottom lid for a professional look for work. When I go “out” I fully line my whole eye… in which my husband says makes me look like a wh*re. LOL So you see your eyes can say a lot about you!

For your mascara… don’t use something clumpy. If your mascara gets clumpy fill the tube with water, wipe off the mascara brush and stick it back in… shake it and then take it out to use it. It’ll give a cleaner look.

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