Why do I have major breakage in my hair?

Answer #1

how often do you straughten/curl etc your hair? it could have something to do with that?? For the past month i haven’t used any of that stuff and now my hair’s in amazing condition!!

Answer #2

Hot oil treatments and vitamin E can help stop and fix hair breakage. Hot oil tretments can be bought at any depatment store or drug store and so can vitamin E. For the vitamin E, simply break open 5-6 capsules and add them to your bottle of shampoo and wash your hair as normal. Have a great day!

Answer #3

Alot of things can cause your hair to have sever breakage, malnutrition and not getting enough vitamins, brushing your hair while its wet, wearing ponytails alot, straightening or curling your hair often, using too many products and drying out your hair, stress, etc.

Answer #4

Breaks in your hair can be caused from many different things. Usually the reason hair breaks is because it’s dry and, henceforth, cracks. Dry hair can be due to a number of things: heat-styling hair (straightening and curling), washing hair in hot showers, chemical treatments (bleaching, highlights, dyes…) and even keeping your hair tied up by hair-ties too often and too tight. Ways that I’ve suggested to help improve the health of your hair is to wash it in cold/cool water, use shampoos and conditioners formulated for your hair-type, use heat-protector spray before styling with heat, eat a lot of dark-greens (containing vitamins E, A and K) and fish oils (from eating fish, or the supplement sort) and go with natural hair treatments. Since there is no way to repair damaged hair (if it’s broken, it’s broken) the best choice to do it to get your hair regularly trimmed - you’ll get breaks and split ends over time - and giving your hair a quick trip at the salon helps to encourage hair-growth.

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