What is the main point to watch SCARY MOVIES?

what is the point of the directors to make scary movies?

Answer #1

scary movies are for entertainment, often found at girl sleepovers haha. but the point to watch them is youre supposed to get scared. the directors point is that they want to scare their audience, thril them, chill them, keep em’ coming back for more. often directors love to putsex/nudity in scary movies, it probly sells more tickets.

Answer #2

yeah true iam 100% sure iam gonna freak out but i sit infront of the TV and watch them one by one !

Answer #3

just remember its just a movie, i’m the smae way i can watch any scary movie beside zombie ones for some reason they just freak me out! i usauly watch it with someone but if i cant i just dont watch it, or if i do i flip between that and a nice show like cake boss to help relax me haha.

Answer #4

to scare your face of,duuuhhhh

Answer #5

I watch scary movies because they make me laugh….but maybe im weird like that.

Answer #6

they make you laugh?ummm cool

Answer #7

They’re fun! getting a bunch of people together eating popcorn and screaming their heads off is the best! i used to have scary movie nights with my friends every friday…it’s totally worth it :)

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