Mac vs pc?

So I was wondering..

Is a Mac book better than a PC.. ( say a gateway)

And how so?

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The Mac is much better than a PC. I didn't get a Mac until last August and I hate using PC's when I have to (mainly at work).

For one, there are NO VIRUSES on a Mac. No viruses, spyware, adware, NONE of it.

Secondly, all the best Applications run on a mac! I have people tell me all the software runs on windows, but I dont see Delicious Library, Center Stage, iTheater, Adium X, Parallels, and the iLife software running on a windows PC. In fact, all the software you will ever need is on Mac. What do you use on your PC you can't find on a mac? If it exists for Windows, it exists for Mac, in better form.

Third, You update in one application, in a snap. Windows downloads things with very little control. If you want control you have to open windows update on IE, which is buggy as all hell, and loads ridiculously slow. On a mac, you load em in the app, you check which ones you want, and you go to town.

Fourth, You can install Windows on a Mac natively. Using an intel Mac and Mac OS X Leopard, you will be able to install windows XP and Vista on your mac natively.

Fifth, You can run Windows programs alongside your Mac apps with Parallels, or VMware Fusion. These software apps let you run all your windows programs in your regular mac desktop, so you dont even need to switch out. You can even play 3D games in parallels. (I do it all the time and the Mac runs ANY game MUCH faster than my PC did)

Sixth, If you're a student, buying a Mac is cheaper than a windows PC. Buying an iMac with your education discount, can be very cheap. Getting the 20 incher, with some pretty impressive stats like 1gb ram and a great video card is just the tip of the iceberg. You get the webcam, the monitor, and a space saving computer... that runs all the major OS out there. Why buy a bulky 400$ box, that you need to buy an extra monitor, keyboard, and mouse for?

and Seventh, Apple has the most intertwined business model and system that exists, so when you buy an apple computer, its bound to work with every other apple product out there. Apple has a very close-knit system, and its better that way.

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mac is much better than the pc .it is portable and all the applications are almost same as the pc. there are no virus threads in the mac in comparison to the PC.

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They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your personal preferences. A lot of people like Macs because they are rock solid and easy to use. A lot of people like PCs because they are cheaper and have much greater support by software and hardware vendors (this lack of support is WHY Macs are more stable).

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mac is better because it's cute! it's portable and it's almost with same functionality as what a pc has..

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