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Mac is not as likely to get viruse and other crap pc's often get. Macs are good if you are into music and videos.

If you are into gaming or anything else go for pc.

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lol, there is no answer to that. 'better' is subjective to what you do with it and believe it or not, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference these days...

it's what you prefer working on, for me, that is mac.

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mac are so much diff to use I like pc but macs are faster and to not get viruses and stuff but I still like pc more

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I have used both. I prefer Macs. They are easy to set up. I recently added my IMac and my Mac Book easily to my wireless network and got them both to see and to be able to use a new printer.. It took, oh, bout 15 minutes to do both ot these and that is only because I am a slow typist. Then, I tried to add my partner's PC. MUCH more difficult and it actually took me three hours over a period of three days {an hour a day because I got so frustrated} to get the PC to be able to find the printer...

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they both have their advantages and you can choose you like according to your needs. I like PC better because i has more functions and i can get what i need here. i can watch blu-ray movies and do other things.

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