Mac question. the mysterious disappearing arrow

hi. I have a mac and recently I noticed that when I take my thumb off of the mouse pad thing that controls the arrow (sorry not tech savvy) after about a second or so the arrow dissapears. its driving me nuts because once I put my finger back on the pad and press down on the rectangle clicker (dont you love my knowledge of macs?) it takes a while fo rthe arrow to appear again. going crazy. please help.

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hey! are you using a laptop.. then if your annoyed of that used mouse, buy usb port mouse and plug it to your laptop.

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im not using a mouse at all...I am just clicking on the keyboard...if that makes any sense..
do you think it would help if I attatched the mouse??

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I had a pc...and decided recently to get this mac

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get a pc lol

but srsy windows xp ftw!

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