lunges and squats

will doing lunges and squats help me lose weight or will just help me build muscle wich increases my weight??

Answer #1

no it wont make you build muscle if you go heavy with the weight and a lot of sets then yeah you will gain weight

if you keep it light at a weight thats real easy for you too manage ull gain strength

Answer #2

any form of excercise helps you loose weight depending on whether or not you are doing it corretly. the more weight you use during excercise the more muscle you will build, the more you actualy use your body strenghth and less weight the more weight you will loose… drinking water and eating healthy helps to maintain a good body as well

Answer #3

My stepdad is a fitness fanatic and just kinda makes sense, burn more calories tan you eat and you lose weight. And people who mainly drink soda take in a lot more calories than someone who would just drink water (0 calories) haha :)

Answer #4

lol thanx but how do you know all this?

Answer #5

Well it most likey should make you gain weight at first because you will build muscle but fat will go away more slowly. In the long run it should help you lose weight because you will be burning calories, as well as fat. - just watch what you eat and drinking only water goes a long way!

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