What are all the lucky charms?

Like horse shoe and four leaf clover, or are lucky charms just a personal thing.

Answer #1

i think they can be personal i have a charm bracelet and it has several things on there like: a star,cross,mobile,dice,horse shoe,flower,key,a padlock some of my family brought me one of those for my birthday but the star and the key came with the bracelet :) you can build it up to become more personal to yourself….

Answer #2

I never considered it a ‘’lucky charm’’, but something I was never without, was my mom’s first ring.. I always wore it around my neck. (you can see it in some of the pictures). My puppy always played with it, so when he died, I put it in his little coffin. :)

Answer #3

I was about to answer this question with a list of all the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms cereal….it’s so not my day….but - yeah - lucky charms can be anything that you feel bring your luck.

Answer #4

rabbits foot being lucky goes back to teh 7th century. it was said rabbits were lucky so to keep part of it was lucky. i dont understand why they would have chosen a smelly foot. i mean wouldnt a nail have been better.

Answer #5

a popular one is a rabbits foot.

Answer #6

I was guna say rabbits foot, but Ive only seen it on the simpsons so I thought it wasnt an actual charm hah

Answer #7

LOL i wouldnt keep a rabbits foot :|

Answer #8

4 leaf clover, horse shoe, rabbits foot. thats all i know of :P

Answer #9

was thinking that too till i opened the message & read more into the details…:P But I have a good excuse I have been sick for the past 3 days with fever & all the whole 9 yards so I am on pills…:P

Answer #10

I have to agree…I guess it is pretty personal as for whom it is as well… if it is a gift to someone & has a private meaning for each charm…or a personal joke that only they would know it was from you!

Answer #11

i know my sister brought me the padlock because she always say i need a padlock to stop me talking aha :D so she brought me the key aswell xD

Answer #12

lol prior to askin this question i googled lucky charms and near enough every single picture was that cereal lol

Answer #13

oh man def private joke there…:P you see something to remind us of loved ones… I happen to love those sentimental things, unfortunately no one ever got me one of those…:(

I got one for my cousin’s daughter…a real one from gold & the charms were from gold as well…we arent even on speaking terms anymore…I wonder if she kept it for her or wound up selling it for money(the way my family is, oh well)

Answer #14

yeah it is i guess and its the thought that counts :) and atleast you brought her something :D

Answer #15

You can’t choose your family, its a shame. I should know.

Answer #16

i know the feeling Jenny =/

Answer #17

I has an all time low bracelet, and I write the number 26 on my hand. I feel like those silly things give me good luck. It’s just personal (:

Answer #18

atleast we can choose our friends:P

Answer #19

it is funny though, we tend to assume things before actually reading the whole thing…too quick to answer! :P

Answer #20

I know…I did try…oh well… they say some friends make better family members :P

Answer #21

awe…what a sad story…:(

Answer #22

i know right

Answer #23

hearts, stars, and horse shoes, clovers and blue moon, pots of gloden rainbows and the red balloons.

Answer #24

absolutely! :)

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