Lower abdomen pains after making out

After making out with my girlfriend for about an hour or two, my girlfriend started feeling pains in her lower abdomen right after she left my house.
She said that it was sharp pains that comes and goes, and she has said that she has been peeing a lot ever since we made out too.
She also told me that she was horny when we were kissing, so could it just be hormones that are causing these problems, or just crazy coincidence from another sickness?
Could kissing really cause this? This is the first time this has happened to her and it has been going on for 2 days now.

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I don't think it's the making out thats causing her sharp pains in her lower abdomens or that the fact that she's peeing a lot has anything to do with it.

It sounds like she has a urinary tract infection. This is a very painful infection in the urine that is caused by well.. unhygienic habits down there.
Its even caused when the pH rate in the urine goes up due to lack of water. (I think..)
She should go to the doctor and get a check up and get some antibiotics. This should cure it in a few days.
And you should encourage her to drink a lot of water to keep her urine clean and clear.

You should google "urinary tract infection" if you wanna learn more about it. And tell her that she should not delay a check up because these minor infections have a possibility of getting serious if not treated properly within a few days.

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It sounds like it's unrelated to the making out and could be anything from apendicitus to cramps / period pains to a digestive issue.

Have her talk to her doctor / obgyn to make sure it's not something more serious.

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She needs to call a doctor. It has nothing to do with you kissing...it happening after is just a coincidence. It sounds like a bladder or kidney infection - both of which have to be diagnosed by a doctor and given antibiotics for.

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