lovebird toys

is it bad for my lovebirds if they don’t have any toys in the cage? I don’t let them out because they’re not tame, but they have each other. is that enough?

Answer #1

NO, it is NOT enough. How would you feel if you were left in an EMPTY room with a friend for pretty much forever?

Yes, you will still get bored out of your mind! lol

So please for the sake of your birdies, please get them some toys. Getting a few different colorful ones and alternating them every so often will help them with boredom and will keep their minds fresh. Also, look up online for ideas for SAFE home-made bird toys, if you need some variety, and it should help you out if you’re on a budget too :)

Answer #2

I would think so I dont have birds but I have dogs and they seem just fine with only each other

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