Would you rather know a lot about one particular subject or know a little about a lot of things and why?

Answer #1

A little of a lot of things! Then I can be “Oh I HEARD about that!!!” At parties :)

Answer #2

Me to

Answer #3

Thanx 4 the pts!

Answer #4

welcome :-)

Answer #5

yeah a little about a lot, that goes the same with talents i guess.. i always grew up wishing i had a talent, wishing i was reallly good at something, until i worked out for myself im great at a lot of different things, not a pro but i succeed :)

Answer #6

A little of alot of things cause if your interested in learning about that, they know what ta look for! Hope I helped!(is that right?)

Answer #7

Let me go against the grain here a bit. Knowing a lot about one particular subject is probably more useful professionally as the world is becoming more and more specialized and knowing a bit about a bunch is less likely to result in a well paying job. Of course, if you could care less about money and are more concerned with being well rounded, I would agree with the other posts.

Answer #8

Good answer :-)

Answer #9

Well it’s good to be specialized in one subject and still know a tad of everything… much better than beign a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’.

Answer #10

A little about a lot of things, I can learn more about them later :P

Answer #11

I’d actually prefer to know a lot about a lot of things. Not knowing things sucks. Not understanding things sucks even more.

Answer #12

But then your stupid in everything else if you only know one thing! You may learn how to be like a professional at something but you can’t drive and you can’t read so it doesn’t matter!

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