What if I lost something important?

What do you recommends Doing when you lost something you really need to find?

Answer #1

The mind is a terrible thing when it comes to panicking over a lost item. Usually “retracing” your steps gets lost in a lot of nonsense flying around in your head. First, gauge how long it has been since you last saw the item. Shorter term would be easier to remember more details and will keep you from tearing apart your home in an attempt to find whatever it was. Second, (this may sound odd…) close your eyes and focus on your breath. Count your breaths and take your mind off of the lost item. Count in then out. Count to 50. Now, what is your most recent memory of the item at hand? What were you doing at that time? What was your intention with that object? Okay, this is the “retracing” part. Finally, you walk out the path you took in your memory.

This is just a way to focus out the distractions before trying to gain inspiration from “retracing your steps” which is truthfully a wonderful way jar a memory loose of the lost item. Literally walk out the path that you last remember taking with the lost thing.

Answer #2

i’ve heard that you should retrace your steps or clean up your room in case its in there that always happens with me or..idk ask people if they saw it or if the saw you wih it that ussually helps me alot. hope i helped..good luck

Answer #3

It depends. What did you lose?

Answer #4

Try asking somebody if they’ve seen it. Or retake your steps.

If it’s small enough, look under all furniture. Usually when I loose something small, I look under the furniture, and find it.

If it’s homework, be honest to your teacher (or if it’s work, boss) and tell him/her that you lost it. If they’re nice, they’ll under stand.

If it’s a pet, try leaving food in the screen door. He or she may come back. Or, you could put up posters, with a picture of him/her on it, your phone number, and maybe even a bit of prize money. And when you get him/her back, you can give him/her a collar with your adress on it.

Answer #5

i would either look for it or find out who stold or just simply try to buy a new one!

Answer #6

umm…..look for it.

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