Losing weight is hard work

So last year, I gained nearly 20 pounds. The picture on my profile is old :) So, I’ve been on our exercise machine (eliptical) every other day for a few weeks, and I’ve stopped drinking coke, and have been lifting some dumbells. It’s not the workout I did in college, sigh, but I had more time 10 years ago for physical fitness.

I’ve lost 3.5 pounds so far, and it’s a struggle each step of the way. I’m determined to keep it up though. Any thoughts on what could make it easier? Once I drop another 15 pounds, I’ll be thrilled & can fit into all of my clothes again :)

Answer #1

Good job thedude! Glad to hear of someone who doesn’t completely stop eating just to lose weight!!! Kudos to you! skips off happily

Answer #2

Green Tea is supposed to keep your metabolism working a little faster!! And is always good for you!! :)

Answer #3

Oh! And also drink lots and lots of water :]

Answer #4

Haha ahh well I can tell you this. Dropping pop, was a great decision. Once I dropped pop, and finally did a little excersize every once in a while, I dropped about 50lb in about..4 months..maybe less. I know that pop has a huge affect on weight gain. Along with all of those other Very sugary foods/drinks.

I wish you luck :)

Answer #5

Good luck!

My brother, mother and father all use the elipticlal. I don’t want to, I rather go out sight seeing, walking around in a real environment.

I find that I want to give up if I go on the eliptical, but when Im out walking, before I get to sit down I have to make it home!

But, anyways. Good luck with loosing!

Answer #6

Well congrats on the weight loss! It’s nice to hear that someone is actually working in a healthy manner in order to loose weight. So many posts asking “How to be anorexic”. -tisk tisk- People just don’t understand it’s a mental illness I suppose.

But all I can say is basically avoid starchy carbohydrates and make sure to get lots of vegtables,fruit, and some meat :] Good luck & keep up the good work :]

Answer #7

If I were you, I would try more exercises than just the eliptical. Try full body workouts with weights, running/jogging, and core work. Even though you are not trying as much to build muscle as you are to lose weight, getting your entire body (not just your legs) working hard helps to burn off extra calories. Also, try to eat 5-6 small meals a day opposed to 3 large ones. This gives your body more time to process, break down and store essential nutrients, and allows you to digest more evenly so you do not get bloated. Another thing I heard is good to do is weigh yourself ever day. Not obsessively like being anorexic, but to see how you are doing each day. If you gained a pound, focus on eating right that day to lose it again. If you lost some weight, think of what you did differently (or the same) that you want to focus on doing again. Stop eating as soon as you feel full and drink a lot of liquids. This helps you purge your body of bad nutrients before they get a chance to fully enter your system. Concentrate more on being healthy and feeling good than losing weight. If you have a positive mindset, you are more likely to reach your goal sooner and more effectively. Best of luck to you :) ~Broadwaystar101

Answer #8

Thanks for the encouragement :)

I have started eating healthier, eg, granola with no sugar in the morning (all organic / natural, sweetened by fruit juices from the label) and eating berries to go along with it. Drinking more water, and eating more veggies (probably more veggies in total in the last week than in the last 2 months…).

So far, it’s just been a lot of work. I remember in college, what I could eat daily…if I tried that, today, I’d gain 2 pounds that same day, and it’d stick.

Answer #9

thedude, Drink lots of water, always. Also, do little workouts even when you are doing things like watching t.v or watching a movie. Thats what I do. Just get on the floor and do some simple workouts like pushups, situps, etc. And be sure to do this on a regular basis, as your body gets used to it more, the more easier it will be for you. It needs to be part of your daily routine, not just when you feel like it. Sometimes when you feel hungry, have a drink of healthy juice instead of having a meal. For some reason our body sometimes makes us think we are hungry, when really, we are just thirsty. I learnt that in health class and it makes perfect sence. Stick to your 3 healthy meals a day. Another good thing to do is finding healthier alternatives when you are cooking/baking, for example… using Splenda instead of sugar cuts a lot of calories. Little things like that can make a big difference. Congradulations on your success so far, keep up the good work. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #10

Oh, and stop eating those Cheeto cheesy puffs!!

It’s actually frightening how much fat there is in restaurant food, takeout food and junky snacks. One simple drizzling of a lovely salad dressing can be devastating to a diet.

The cream in your coffee alone - for a whole week, can amount to an extra intake of 70 grams of fat and thats just if you have two cups of coffee a day. (Yeah I know, all you Americans like black coffee anyway but this is just an example lol)

No second helpings at dinner time! I used to think my husband was always left hungry. He’d clean his plate, go back for more and eat till everything was gone. I worried that I wasn’t cooking enough so cooked more. He ate it all. We finally discussed it… and he told me he just ate till everything was gone – that was his training. Clean your plate and then clean everyone elses, LOL. My training was - eat till you’re full. That was a new concept to him. Couldn’t believe it but have heard others say the same thing.

Good luck! Can we get updates on your weight loss every week? Oh yes just weigh yourself once a week ;)

Answer #11

I think that you should get a good exersize routine that combines both running and lifting weights and also eat food that is good for you, don’t just drop some of the really bad stuff. there are lots of great dieting programs out there and you can easily find one on the internet. Good luck

Answer #12

Thanks for your good example - I’m working on this too! My aim is to eat the same meals as usual (we eat loads of fruit ‘n’ veg) but to avoid snacking in between (my personal failing) and to be a lot more active - I cycle and walk often but now I’m also trying to jog home once I’ve dropped my sons off at school - what a shock to the system! It really is hard work but I think it’s going to be worth it…

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