Lose my stomach in 2 weeks!!!

How can I lose my belly stomach in 2 weeks?? HELP!

Answer #1
  • eat healthy foods -excercise
Answer #2

just only drink water and that should do it but dont forget that you can last a long time without food but sometimes you get tunnel vison but it worth it

Answer #3

if you have a fat belly it will take more then 2 weeks. but just eat proper 1200 cals a day and excersize as much as you can! also… go tanning. it just makes you feel hotter :)

Answer #4

oh and it makes your belly look sexier with the tan.. but your name sais latino so maybe your skin is already tan :P lucky you.

Answer #5

you can excercise by doing a lot of running at a workout area or you can ride a bike ( if the weather’s warm enough )

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