Loosing weight fast?

I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago and have put on some weight, how can I loose it fast?

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Loosing weight 'fast', is not the answer. If you took time to gain weight, you can take the time to lose it too. First of all, you need to reduce 500 calories from what you normally eat. This will result in ONE pound of fat a week. Do not eat less than 1200 calories if you're a female, or 1800 calories if you're a male. Eating too little calories will cause your body to shut down and store food (energy) as fat. Unless you want to gain weight from eating an apple, I wouldn't say starvation is the answer. Good foods to eat for a healthy lifestyle are grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, and Healthy fats. Protein is good for you because it sticks to your ribs and prevents you from becoming hungry quickly, whereas carbohydrates will burn off in 2-3 hours. :)

Exercising- If you choose not to restrict your diet by 500 calories, you can burn off the extra calories by participating in physical activity. 30-60 minutes is the recommended amount of exercise a day. The best exercises for burning lots of calories are Rollerblading, biking, running and/or jogging, Jumping Rope, and Martial arts. Any exercise is okay as long as you are breaking a sweat and are slightly out of breath. (remember that any type of exercise is good for you) Pick activities that you enjoy, and not necessarily the ones that burn the most calories an hour.

2-3 pounds a week is a good amount, so try not to lose more than that every seven days.

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Never stop eating healthy
for breakfast dont eat one fruit and have water always with you
for lunch a salad with some chiken (if your very hungry) and fruit
and for dinner have some chicken or fish
never too much pasta!

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I am going to start tomoz, I am going to do my molly from corrie dvd for an hr each day and for breakfast have fresh orange juice and an apple and for lunch a chicken salad and for dinner chicken and rice. yea

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You should start drinking a lot of water! it does make you thinner! It makes you fuller faster or eat fruits! Chew gum.

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Good job for giving up smoking! keep it up! :)

Putting on weight is normal when you give up smoking. Cause you NEED to have something in your mouth to make up for it!

You need to eat 500 calories less/work off 500 more calories to lose that weight! The best foods you can eat for weight loss is fruits and veggies and healthy meats like chicken, fish, and (that best you can do!) lean sirloin. Only eat when you're hungry, and drink more water! (This can make you gain a little water-weight, ut it pays off in the long run!)

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Maybe try AB Circle Pro
That's working for me

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