What is the best way to lose negative thoughts?

Answer #1

To think positive ;-)

Answer #2

What negative thoughts?

Are you generally in a foul mood? Are you pondering about something that happened? So you might need a distraction. Do something relaxing like a walk, a hot bath or listen to any music you like. Ot talk about it with a friend. Maybe you can get a more positive view on it.

Are you afraid of something that might happen? Inform yourself about how probable it is overall and what you could do against it if it really happens.

Answer #3

Even out the good things with the bad. If ur feeling negative try and thing of a positive thing that has happened and try and concentrate on destacting urself of the negative thoughts :) Hope i help x

Answer #4

Negative thoughts should be balanced by positive. In other words it is good to have them because you do not walk into traps. If you have a negative thought, you need to prepare yourself to make that negative a positive. Remember, every action has a reaction so think down the line. Example: I don’t like driving because I may die in a crash. Plan to put on your seatbelt and obey traffic laws. Now you can actually go anywhere but in a positive way. You can still die but u changes the chances so that its more likely that you won’t. You made it more positive than negative.

Answer #5

Just remember good things fall apart to have better things come together…just think o nthe bright side and time will heal the negative.

Answer #6

POSITIVE THINKING! Build it through big acceptance. You are where you are because you want it that way.

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