what is the best way to get out of trouble with the cops?

I am not saying I am in trouble with the cops…just want to know if something were to happen how could I get out of it haha

Answer #1

zudano is correct. If you do get into trouble (this will obviously depend on what kind of trouble), be polite and keep your mouth shut as much as you can. The worst thing you can do with a cop is to argue with them.

Oh and don’t flash anything, that will just make things worse.

Answer #2

tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, be respectful, suck up a bit(even if you don’t like or want to), and just be helpful and nice to them. also please,please do not flash your goods, that will only make you end up in jail.

Answer #3

Just you know twll the truth and don’t try to lie to get out or anathing… honesty will just make everything fall into place and it will be over before you know it…


Answer #4

Being respectful goes a long way.

Answer #5

haha if your a girl flash the goods.. guys.. hope like hell the cop is gay!! haha

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