How do you loose fat from the upper back?

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Shrugs - This exercise works the traps, near the delts, and also the upper lats slightly. The move is similar to shrugging your shoulders saying, "I don't know", but keeping the shoulders back more to target the lats and traps more.

Rows - All forms of the Row help the back, but to target upper back more, perform a seated row or bent-over row. It's self-explanatory, but in case you don't know what it is like, simply sit straight and row a cable or weights, keeping shoulders back to contract the upper back. Hold the concentric position for a good second before returning to the start position.

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- pay attention to your diet.
- go to a gym.
- go swimming.
- do some yoga.
- search some exercises on youtube.

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You don't lose fat just there, when you workout, your body burns fat throughout the body. Cardiovascular workouts and drinking plenty of water will remove fat around the body effectively. Running is great, swimming is the best cardio since it works virtually everything. Cut your daily caloric intake and it will come off within a few weeks.

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