How long does it take for something off the Hot Topic website to be shipped to your house?

I only bought 2 bracelets.

Answer #1

I wud say 7 to 10 days at most

Answer #2

It should say somewhere on their site how long it takes most items to be shipped.

Answer #3

Well my dear that depends how far away that warehouse where it is being shipped from moves the order, then process it, then sends it over to the quality control whom sends it over to the place where it is being kept then more processing till they pack it well and send it off to the shipping section to verify the name and address then then they have to call their carriers find out when the driver is around their area to pick it up & send it out…then once they have it’s like a 24-72 hours til it gets to your package, calls you up to verify again that your home and makes you wait just in case he needs to ask you for directions.
So yeah…there is a procedure which is why they always back themselves up by saying in advance that shipping will take up to 14 business days. That is how they cover their a$$es.

Best advice to you is to just be patient. :P Eventually it will get there unless it is a fraud…then your screwed…which is why I DONT TRUST purchasing anything online. You just never know or can be safe.

g/l though.

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