How long would a 3 hour walk on a bike take?

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depending on how fast you pedal and what the terrain is and how many speeds your bike has and traffic are all factors in time

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About an hour.

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What????? Good one. hee, hee!! That's like asking; how long would a 3 hour
bike ride take on a walk?. However long it takes you...

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Average brisk walking pace on level ground is 4mph for a fit walker, so a three hour walk with no resting stops is about 12 miles.
Putting similar effort into riding a cheap mass produced sports cycle on level roads gives about 18 miles per hour, and that would enable you to cover the 12 mile distance in 40 minutes. Or on a cheap mountain bike around 48 minutes at an average speed of 15mph.
The same reasonably fit regular cyclist, if used to cycling a good quality road racing bicycle would cover the distance in about 30 minutes at an average speed of around 24 mph.
Change the route to rough track mountainous terrain and the walker would only cover about 2 miles per hour giving a total distance of 6 miles. A cyclist on a sports bike or racing bike would get off and walk, while pushing the bike, and would be slowed down by the bike, taking more like 4 hours to cover the distance. The cyclist on a mountain bike / all-terrain bike would probably cover it in about 45 minutes, but a lot would depend on just how rough the terrain happened to be and how big a proportion was downhill.
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You amaze me :P

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It takes me about getting an average pace. For a newbie, there may be more. Here it is still a model of a bicycle, for example, it gives a whole list of models of bicycle mounts lower than $ 1,000 at , which are designed specifically for such “walks” and are not heavy. Just perfect for walkers with a fast pace, especially if you’re far to go

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