How can I meet people and get my life moving again?

I’ve just recently moved to the bay area, do to my family of spouse and two kids left me. I was a stay at home dad for year and a half. My question is as a 21 yr old with nothing but himself, met people and get life moving again?

Answer #1

Your in Redwood City? I live in the Bay close to Belmont in San Mateo. I lived in the city though for a time and I have relatives in San Carlos. The Bay is a beautiful place and the weather is just starting to get warm.

It depends on what you are in to and what you are looking for. You wanna meet people “casually” then get on Craigslist and join the personals or surf around here at FunAdvice for people in your area. If you like cars…. well there are tons of us gear heads rollin around El Camino at night or racing up at the track at Sears Point. If you want to party… hit the clubs up in the city on Thursday through Saturday.

Bay living is casual and sometimes hard to keep up with. It is expensive out here and everyone has their toys. The sideshows aren’t as numerous out in the Oak anymore but if you find one check it out. Thizzin, whippin, dippin, slappin the scraper, ghost ridin, and going dumb are just a few activities you might hear. Purple Chunks are a good thing. East Palo Alto and East Oakland are places to steer clear from at night. The Bay is “The” place to be.

I don’t do any of the young stuff anymore, but you really should get out and do it all. Sounds like you need to let off the steam.

Answer #2

yes you can, all you have to do is just go and make friend’s!! you can make friend’’s right here on fun advice!!!! and you have to start you’r life over!!!! so think about how you want to live!!!!!

Answer #3

I guess you could try and take up some hobbies. You could also start working out at a club. People that workout together tend to have alot in common and maybe this can carry over into other areas of your life. Good-luck. Familycoach

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