Why does a question become locked?

why does a question become locked?

Answer #1

If it goes against the terms of service, is inappropriate or seems like it will lead to out of hand responses then it gets locked.

Many anorexic questions get locked, because that’s self harm and goes against FunAdvice’s terms of service.

The consensus on those type of questions is get in, give help, get out and lock.

xox Sika

Answer #2

Because it is against the Funadvice “terms of use”, like we can’t help people self harm, hack, solicit, with homework, or anything related to acquiring bots or macros to generate online currency! Also, if a person is just being plain rude or obscene, we will lock that question also. Read the “terms of use” for a better understanding of the site! :)

Answer #3

thank you! I get it

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