Localizations of anime/ manga going too far?

Konichiwa! I was wodering, for all of my fellow anime-watchers out there, do you think that the localizations of some anime/ manga go too far with censorship/ name-changing, etc? For me, I’m fine with certain amounts of cencoring (ie. Taking out excessive blood/gore, nudity, or cursing), but what really gets me is when they mess with the names or change parts of the scene/ story (like they did with the One Piece anime). Though I guess some of it may be because of cultural differences, but surely not ALL, right? Comments, anyone?

Answer #1

That’s why you should only watch fan-subs…

Answer #2

I you want them in English… you’ll just have to deal with that ‘localization problem’ you mentioned. The studios that record the English dialogue, are the ones that usually alter the script, to make the story suitable, or in this case marketable in the U.S. (pending FCC regulations, blah blah blah)

Answer #3

There are bit-torrents (membership required) specifically for anime on the Internet. But I’m not going to tell you WHERE, that would go against my character…

But you’ll find them if you look.

Answer #4

Captainassasin: Fansubs, eh? So where can I watch for free?

Answer #5

Ok, thnx…also, what if I wanna watch in english? you know any good place that sell uncut dvds or similar types ( specifically for Naruto and Case Closed /Detective Conan.) ? I currntly shop for those @ Best Buy and FYE, but I just wanna know if therea any rl store where I can try for them (because Best Buy doesn’t have Case Closed, and FYE is EXPENSIVE.)? Btw, it would help if it was Gaitheraburg area, lol

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