Anime Or Manga Look Alike?

I Really Want To Find A Anime Look Alike. My Friends All Look Almost Just Like Certain Anime And Manga Characters And We Call Each Other By That Characters Name… One Is Sasuke Another Is Misa And So On…

Does Anyone Know Where I Could Find An Anime Look Alike? I Am A Male Brown Hair Green/Brown Eyes

Hope That Helps.

Thanks In Advance.

Answer #1

Yes, Haha But Don’t Forget Names Are My Main Concern. Lets Not Get Carried Away With Who Is Sexy Or Hot.. Ok? Lol.

Answer #2

Wow Your Good At This. Keep It Up! Now Who Is That? LOL.

And Yes That Is Very Close To How I Look.

Answer #3

oh, sorry… XD but I don’t know his name. I typed your description into google!!! this is what I got.

Answer #4

I found another!! if you look like this, you’re really SEXII XD

Answer #5

Oh Wow. Yes Thank You yumiyukai! That Fits Almost Perfect.

But If You Can Find Others It Would Be Appreaciated Too.

Answer #6

I Cant Upload Photo’s Of Myself. But My Hair Is Long In Kinda A “Gin Ichimaru” Style And If It Usually Is Covering My Eyes Unless I Push It Over My Forehead..

Answer #7

it’d be better if you had a pic of yourself, then maybe we could tell. but other than the green eyes, I’d say you look like Akira from monochrome factor. I don’t know anyone with green eyes. and a lot of manga and anime characters have brown hair. Akira is just the first that popped into mind.

Answer #8

Haha, well thanks and if you come across anymore let me know. thanks!

Answer #9

I have absolutely no clue… but I’d love to find out!!!

Answer #10

uhhh… Light???

Answer #11

hee hee, him sexii too. I don’t know who he is, but he has blue eyes!! close enough, right?

Answer #12

haha it ok.

Answer #13

If I may cut in…? Lol. But first, definitely upload some pics, dude. What did you mean when you said you can’t??? And yumiyukai, your my friend but I’d have to say imo, Light (if you were talking about Light Yagami of Death Note) is a bastard, a la Sasuke of Naruto, but admittedly much more impressive, as he’s one of the smartest people in Japan…But that also made him a smart-a$$…which is why I called him a bastard (also why I never picked up the series afer reading a chapter in Shonen Jump magazine.

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