Little bumps on my facial skin

I have always had PERFECT skin, and always been complimented on 21 years old, however, I began having problems. I don't have any idea what it might have to do with, but I've had these clusters of little bumps and a lot more pimples than ever before. These bumps look like an allergic reaction or a rash or some sort, they don't itch though. I'm freaking out! I have no idea how to get rid of them! I haven't been using any new facial cleansers or moisturizers or anything, I wash my pillow cases, wash my face every night, even scrub it. What can I do to make them go away? something is obviously wrong somewhere in my chemistry. will a fast maybe help? or does anyone know any salves or creams or cleansers I might try?

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they are probably white heads or clack heads.
I say you use that new neutragena skin id.
just go to the website and take the test and find out your skin id.
it should make it go away

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