Little bumps on forehead?

I have these like, bumps on my forehead. they aren’t zits or anything but they are almost like under the skin zits…they’re not red, they’re just like little bumps. does anyone else have these/know how to get rid of them?

Answer #1

acne? I have a little bit

Answer #2

I have some on the side of my nose

Answer #3

it sounds like teenage zites!!! I used to wonder the same thing, at that’s what it was. :)

Answer #4

well most likely they are acne, some form of it at least, which is very normal.

it could also be eczema, which is a very common little rash, but I doubt it is that, if you are concerned google it or go see your doctor, or just talk to your mum :)

the only other things it could be in some sort of chapped or irritated skin, but everything I have written is completely fixable and very common.


Answer #5

go see a dermatologist.

Answer #6

how are you so sure??? I had these bumps on my forehead, I thought I had a disease!!! I thought I was going to die from it!! HA!!! they weren’t red or anything, and they were kinda small. I learned that I worried myself for nothing cause all it was, was little zits.

Answer #7

no it’s not zits. it’s like little bumps. it’s definitely not zits, though.

Answer #8

same here

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