why do gay guys like 2 shop?

I have a gay friend dame. He always wants 2 go shoppin. Why do gay guys like 2 shop more than strait men? Im just wondering!

Answer #1

Gay guys liking shopping is a total stereotype. I have a few guy friends who are straight and love going shopping. Also, on the flipside, I know plenty of gay guys who hate it.

Answer #2

The bar is waaay more fun than going to some store…

Hehe just had to say it! Anyway I believe it is easiest to think of them that they are a girl trapped in a guys body if that makes sense? SO they enjoy shopping more, more obsessive over their looks, and they like guys not girls.

Answer #3

I think its cause gay guys are exactly like women & what girl does not love shopping???

Answer #4

I like to shop… and I’m straight…

Its way more fun that going to some bar.

Answer #5

well a lot of gay men are more concerned about there looks and clothes than most straight men would be a lot of them like to look clean, and wear nice clothes, in stead of just things like jeans, a tee and thongs so obviously theyd need to buy those things just like everyone else goes shopping theres also a lot of girls that dont like shopping, but for the girls who expirience a rush from it its the same feeling most gay men get, they love to shop

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