What do you think of the Irish?

Whats do you think of the irish?

Answer #1

Heyy :) I love the irish their sweet :) well I am from ireland like buh up nirth no0t south soo anyways bck to the subject I love irish dudes their accent isss sooo cool ! the musics brill the shops and so on I come down eevry sommer it soo mch funn :)

Answer #2

Heyya Im scottish and in scotland as you may know we love the irish, I reckon that the scottish and irish need to stick together. We all have ah little sumin against the english

ENGLISH = miserable arrogant people

SCOTTISH & IRISH = happy, full of fun and heavy drinkers!!

Answer #3

All of the Irish people I have met are loyal and kind. I love that and the celtic music is awesome. Love it and I hope to visit Ireland some day. :)

Answer #4

When I think of irish I think of a lot of beer and men in klits which is very hot. I also think that it’s one of those places where it has been able to maintain it’s culture compared to other places and it shows

Answer #5

I prefer them over the English. They like the Queen too much and they can’t hold their liquor.

Answer #6

Rainy and depressed country with heavy drinkers But FRESH AND NATURAL MEAT Unlike USA and a lot of other places (who knows what kind of sh!t they put in there )

Answer #7

Thank you. I try :)

Answer #8

I like them, I have a lot of irish blood in my family history

Answer #9

irish are cool dude!!! way to go!!!

Answer #10

love the irish. My riding coach is Irish, hilarious! just brilliant :) they are a great bunch!

Answer #11

grand just wanted a real view on whta yis all think. and just to mention from one of them comments the scotish wear kilts but were still very alike lol

Answer #12

the irish are amazing

Answer #13

I went there to visit my aunt. it was raining, but I like the rain. the people were friendly

Answer #14

I am partly irish and think ireland would be a BEAUTIFUL place to visit! I luv bein irish cept for the überly thick hayrrr!


Answer #15

It’s a nice country to visit

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