Lights on or off and give details

Do you like the lights on or off while having sex and why?give details men and women.

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I like it in-between... a candle light is the best. it shows just enough

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Personally I like it in between..uhmmm dim lol

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Why should you put them off?are you trying to hide something?.if you are in a relationship you should be able to see your partners body and appreciate it.this will increase love for one another,You should be able to see your partners eyes .Your eyes are the passage to your partenrs soul

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probably off,because then you dont have to worry bout being insecure bout your bodie,an you can reely get into it w/o a prob.
w/ them on,u can see what your doing,how your partner is enjoying it,etc.

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well itz gud ether way with the lightz on you kan c who your having sex with and c everything thatz going on and with the lightz off you kan let your mind wonder and you kan imagine anyone you want 2 b having sex with

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off because I am really dont like my body, and worried my boyfriend will think the same, even tho he doesn't.
but either way doesnt really cahnge what it feels like

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I like them off. I can fantacize a lot better if I can't see a whole lot. It can be like being with somebody new every time if you have a good imagination.

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