Do leggings make your butt look bigger, is that why they are worn?

Why do girls wear just leggings? they say because it is really comfortable but I think its because they wanna make their butt look bigger... which I think is really annoying! every single girl I know does it, and I feel like punching them in the face everytime. anyone agree?

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umm most people use them for like really short skirts butt there are other reasons as well. some people put them under short shorts too. it depends.

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LOL...I agree with twilight mom...they HAVE to be comfortable, because I've seen thousands of women wearing them that sure didn't look good in them...


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leggings are actually really comfortable... not stupid.

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yeah I think legging are stuppid, whats the point?

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If you ever watch "What Not to Wear" or "Fashion Police" you will know that leggings WERE NOT made to be pants.

They were made to go along with other things. If you absolutely have to wear them alone--- they tell you to wear an extremely long shirt that falls WELL BELOW THE BUTT.

The butt should not be visible. They say "yuck". I say "yuck"!!

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I only wear leggings under skirts (although that's not really all that fashionable anymore I don't think) or with a long top. If the top you're wearing is short and you're wearing leggings as pants, then I don't think it looks good. I guess it depends on the person, but personally I like wearing them with long tops.

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