Is it legal to ride a motorbike over 125cc on your learners permit only in South Africa?

Answer #1

Type of motorcycle licenses in South Africa A1 - Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cubic centimetres or less
A - Motorcycles with an engine capacity greater than 125 cc

an A licence will allow you to drive with a capacity greater than 125 cc but first you have to have the learners permit which is what your question is about. the learners permit is called a Code 1

The minimum age for a Code 1 licence is 17 a Code 1 licence is limited to motorcycles with an engine capacity under 125 cc so in short no, on a learners permit you cannot have a engine size over 125cc it has to be under until you get your full A licence

Answer #2

no it is not legal as my info

Answer #3

I don’t think it is.

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