how much money do hairdressers usually earn?

What kind of trades are there?? I know of plumbing, and welding but I don’t know of any others, please help. also, what do you need in order to become a hairdresser, and how much money do hairdressers usually earn? (around canada and america)

Answer #1

There are many beauty schools and cosmetology schools that you could look into. Stylists don’t make really big money, but they make decent money, and they get tips.

Answer #2

lets see theres law, electrician, mechanic, design artist, teacher, accountant, carpenter theres a lot out there thats just a few things but I beleive theres a cosmetic class you go to to learn how to cut hair im not sure how much you can make doing it tho

Answer #3

Trades - carpenter, electrician, builder, boilermaker, babysitter, beautician, mechanic - there are lots of trades! Hairdressers don’t earn very much from what I heard. You are also on your feet all day and have to spend a good couple of years sweeping floors and doing crap jobs in salons before you can start actually cutting hair etc. But if you are really enthusiastic and passionate about wanting to do it then enrol in a hairdressing course which can get you started.

Answer #4

What about photography? Does that make decent money?

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