Can my girlfriend legally move out of her house at 17?

my girlfriend really needs to move out of her parents house they treat her and me both like crap and she wants to get away from then can she legally move out of her parents house and in with me and my parents at the age of 17 and a half?

Answer #1

No you can’t.Not at least till she is 18.

Answer #2

The legal age is 18.The day before her 18th birthday say she is going to your house for a party or somethin and than the next day she doesnt have to go back

Answer #3

She can go to the court to try and get emancipated. But then she has to have proof of being able to support herself and I’m not sure but may still need parental consent? I would just say to wait if she only has a few months left anyway! Then she can be saving up money, it’s not as easy as you or her may think to be out in the real world! good luck tho

Answer #4

the legal age for move outs with out p.consent is 18, but shes 17 and they can report her kidnapped. BUT, by the time they catch her, get her in the system she prob be 18.

Answer #5

if her parents report her kidnapped the police will probably ask if she has a boyfriend and then they will make them wait 48 hours to see if she has called if it is a runaway she will have to lay low for awhile because they can take her to juvenile hall I am not sure what will happen when she is 18…or she can legally divorce her parents but she has to prove to the court she has her own income and can support herself my advice is to just wait until she turns 18 unless they are abusive verbally or physically stay there if they are get the hell out

Answer #6

not really in missouri but yea you can still leave or move out of you house whenever you want because if your parents or parent calls the cops the cops will pick you up take you home and you can leave again unless you are on probation the your fucked but at the age of 17 the cops or your parents legally keep you at your house my probation officer told me this when I was on probation and a lot of my friends and two of my cousins moved out when they were 17 and the one is about to be 18 in one month and she moved out almost a year ago trust me I wouldnt lie about I will be 17 in november 2009 and im moving out and my parents know I am they know they cant legally stop me

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