Can I feed my dog leftovers?

is it ok to feed a dog leftovers?

Answer #1

Every once in a while it’s ok! Be very careful what type of food you give your dog. Many of them are Toxic to dogs, and you could end up unintentionally giving them something that can kill them. Here is a list of foods to avoid!

Answer #2

uhm as long as its not chocolate yea I think its okay I personally dont agree with it but. . . .bt be warned feeding your dog leftovers can upset his/her stomach, and its not healthy

Answer #3

Depends on what it is…no chicken, porkchop, or steak bones…better watch the gravey, or you’re likely to wind up with a case of diarreah…but in small amouts, most things are fine.

Don’t feed from the table, though…put everything you want to give him in his own dish…begging at the table is bad manners.


Answer #4

If it’s a mutt yeah.

Answer #5

Yes, don’t do it all the time, though, it will make them fat, watch what you are feeding them, too. It could kill them.

Answer #6

In moderation I think it’sfine but don’t overdo it.

Answer #7

yep but dont get him used to it or hel get spoiled and he woont eat dry foods

Answer #8

yes ofcourse…nothing hazardous…:)

Answer #9

yeah you can feed them with left overs. we had a dog and we fed him left overs and evven if we did that, he lived for like 14 years or so.

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