How do you say "I left" in Spanish?

Answer #1

The verb should be “desierto”. I is “Yo”. But I have no idea about the grammar. How to put it in the past tense…

Answer #2

Yeah same with me the past tense part… dejer is what I thought to leave was though.. o.0 :D

Answer #3

In the past tense it is Me han dejado

Answer #4

me han dejado

Answer #5

I guess there are several words with similar meaning. Just like in English. to leave, to desert, to go away, to abandon, to quit, to forsake so., to drop out of sth., to evacuate…

Answer #6

My dictionary also has… plantar a alguien/algo, desamparar a alguien/algo and, dejar a alguien/algo for leavong somebody or something and abandonar algo as well as deshabitar algo for leaving a place.

Answer #7

I think it;s ‘deje’ with an accent on the second ‘e’. You could put ‘Yo’ before it, but you don’t need to :D x

Answer #8

Thanks! That’s what I thought it was. :DD

Answer #9

Ok, Spanish guy here. If I was gonna say “I left the party” in Spanish it would be “Yo me fui de la fiesta” The correct word for “left” in that situation would be “fui”. If I was gonna say “I left school early” then I would use “Yo salí de la escuela temprano” “salí” would be used for “left”. Is complicated lol!. If I was gonna say “I left my book at school” then the correct translation would use the word “deje” for left, like, “ Yo deje mis libros en la escuela”. Then it gets more complicated because the correct translation for left in Spanish as in “Take a left turn” is the word “Izquierda” like, “Tome un turno a la izquierda”

Answer #10

Right! Yeah fui is from ir right? To go? 0.o :D

Answer #11

I think so, but “Ir” is future tense, “Tengo que ir a la escuela” “I will have to go to school” so “Ir” would be more like “ to go” I think “Fui” present tense is “voy” like “Yo voy a la escuela” “I am going to school”.

Answer #12

My computer said it’s ‘’Me fui’’

Answer #13

In Spanish you will say “i la izquierda”

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