How do you say NEEDS in Spanish?

How do you say NEEDS in Spanish? Need proper spelling too.


“Bob NEEDS new shoes.”

Answer #1

Ask google for free spanish lessons. They are there. Orally and written.

Answer #2

yeah the verb in natural form is NECESITAR, and you canjugate it like

yo necesitO tu necesitAS el/ella necesitA nosotros necesitAMOS ellos necesitAN

So it would be like “Bob necesita zapatos nuevos”

Im pretty much repeating everyone else, I just wanna feel important and use my spanish skillls lol.

funmail me if you need more spanish help I speak that sh*t.! lol

Answer #3

the verb itself is necesitar

the different forms of it in present tense are

(I form) yo necesito (You form) tu necesitas (He/she/you formal form) el/ella/usted necesita (We form) Nosotros necesitamos (Y’all form, only used in some countries) Vosotros necesitais (accent over the A) (They form) Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes necesitan


Answer #4


Answer #5

Thanks! That really helped.

Answer #6

Bob necesita zapatos nuevos

Answer #7

necesitar I beleive thats how you say and spell it

Answer #8

nescesitas I think

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