How does one learn to write beautiful, fancy cursive writing?

Answer #1

its about how free u let ur wrist be and just add little designs r whater to the beginning r end of the letter.

Answer #2

like how you learned to write in kindergarden; practice, practice, practice. one letter at a time and then words

Answer #3

Patience and boy, a lot of practice. They stopped teaching kids to write in cursive here :l which isn’t a good idea, but taking baby steps to perfect yourself diligently and having a calm gesture when writing.

Answer #4

practice. and there are a lot of fancy cursive ways to write. look some up and try to see which one works for you

Answer #5

I have always written in cursive ever since i learned to write. In my opinion, you just need practice and patience. Don’t get frustrated easily and keep trying:)

Answer #6

Most people alive today learned a simplified cursive alphabet in school. The goal behind simplified cursive is speed and legibility. The fancier old fashion styles of handwriting were far more laborious and slow. Also, the beautiful script we see in older documents was done with a flexible nib or quill pen. With this type of pen the more pressure the wider the line is produced. Modern writers used to ball point or stiff nib pens usually bend flexible nib pens if they are not careful. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. There are several beautiful calligraphy alphabets; many require a stub or Italic pen while others use flexible nibs, brushes, or technical pens.

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