What should I write in a slam book?

Hi, I am into my final days of my college and my friend asked me to fill her slam book.I have to write something on it about her and I have made some rough copy about what to write.I just want some opinion about it, so that I can write it in her slam book.it goes something like this

They say god decides every relationship and gives us the liberty to make our own relation called friendship .I feel this word friend can never bring out the specialty of the relation. To me everybody in this world are travelers.some travel through life dancing to the rhythm of emotions for a long time and some just share their traveling experience. She is one such traveler who traveled with me dancing to the rhythm of laughter. Knowing her for the past 4 years, I have learn t a lot from her.especially in the first and final year .I learn t what it takes to be a good person .she is one among few ,who once changed the entire phase of my life.I wish I could travel back in time and change the bad deeds if I had done to her.there are many thing I wish I could have done to her. Penning about her character,she is so very down to earth.never have I had seen her hurting others.she can teach you how to make a relationship and also how to maintain it. Such a good dancer and never hides anything from others .she is very naughty,does lots of mischief and gets away with it very easily,that may be because of her adorable character.such a hard worker and would never gives up anything so easily.I wish I could be more like her.I guess interesting people with different characters like her are destined to meet to make the journey to destiny more enjoyable and colorful. Every time when she tries to act smart,she ends up with self destruction.her matured behavior with a hint of childishness makes her even more adorable. Never takes anything to her heart.I have teased her a lot of times and she has never taken it seriously.so very kind and forgives very easily.may be, thats why I am still a friend to her.she forgave me for the biggest mistaken that I had done by not speaking to her for two years.I still feel sorry for what I had done. Being a friend is easy,but I tried to be a very good joker so that I can always make her laugh. I am just a kid who looks at the stars like her and wonder how she twinkles so bright. Beauty is not from the pupil of the eye,but is beautiful character that you posses from inside with a phenomenal charisma…

Thats it.please tell me what do you think about it and do let me know if there is something wrong in it.I dont want to project like I am trying to be more than a friend.please do tell me how it is.

Answer #1

I mean that, if he/she was just writing a farewell that that would be something good to write. but because it’s a slam book, you have to make it mean (even if you’re joking and don’t really mean it).

Answer #2

Why not?

Answer #3

you’re being really professional in nice. that’s not what a slam book is. you’re supposed to dis her in some way. you’re supposed to “slam” her! I like what you wrote if it was for another reason! (:

Answer #4

You can write whatever you want in someone’s slam book. You are meant to be as brutally honest about the person as you possibly can.

It can either be constructive criticism or you can be downright mean. It all depends on how you really feel about the person.

You should be as honest as you can and don’t say anything that you don’t really think just for the sake of being mean.

Some suggestions to write in a slam book include:

  • You’re real pretty, but your clothes are ugly
  • Your hair makes you look like a poodle
  • She tried to steal my boyfriend

Another use for a slam book is something very similar to a year book. If it is that type of slam book then here are a few ideas:

  • a favorite quote
  • movie quotes
  • song lyrics
  • message about friendship
  • what your future goals are
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