How do i get rid of lawn slime mold?

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Although you can't kill slime mold, try adjusting your watering schedule, slime molds thrive on water. Also, rake out, or dethatch the problem areas. The mold is most likely feeding on something that's dead. I've had similar problems, & the dryer the weather gets the less conspicuous the mold.

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Here's some info:

Good luck !!

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I just recently started having the same problem and so far I have been told that you should dig up the mold and about two inches in diameter around the affected area...make sure to throw this dirt away in a plastic bag. Next you can try a 50/50 mis of clear vinegar and water, but the most important thing I've found so far is to adjust the amount that you water the area that's affected and make sure the area is getting enough light...these are the things I'm going to try and hopefully we both have success...GOOD LUCK!

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I have a medium size patch in my front yard. I have tried digging it up and putting different dirt in it's place. I even tried buring, that didn't help either.

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